The Peace Institute Forum

"The Challenges of World Terrorism"

The Fifth Forum of the Peace Institute conveyed on 1st October 2001 in Cankarjev dom.

The situation in the aftermath of the September 11th attacks was discussed by:

  • Dr Zoran Kanduč, researcher;

  • Primož Šterbenc, MSc, assistant in international relations at FDV (Faculty of Social Sciences);

  • Vojko Plevelj, journalist;

  • Andrej Kurnik, MSc, assistant in political theory at FDV (Faculty of Social Sciences).

The forum was chaired by Gorazd Kovačič, collaborator to the Peace Institute.

The Forum discussed the repercussions and challenges posed by international terrorism in the September 11th attacks. We discussed the causes of terrorism and possible measures to prevent it. What are the effects of military intervention and its potential pitfalls? Could retaliation cause a general destabilisation of the region? How could this affect world economy in view of existing economic recession? The Forum posed the question whether the politics of globalisation will give way to cultural differentiation and the nature of the consequent chasm between the cultures of the West and Islam? We probed the role of violence in politics. We paid particlar attention to the issues of security in relation to circumscription of civil rights. The forum also discussed the possibilities for peace politics following recent events.

  • Photos:

      Zoran Kanduč Gorazd Kovačič Andrej Kurnik